Human wants are unlimited and when it comes to Nollywood, one cannot really understand the truth about all some allegations leveled against some practitioners and this make fans wonder what the industry was turning into.

Some time ago, some set of Nollywood practitioners complained that the industry tends to favour more light skin actresses than dark skin ones and this became a topic of some sort.

Now, actress, Chelsea Eze, has come out to challenge such claims by stating that those with dark skin get more movie roles than the fair skin actors.

She explained sighting example with Kunle Afolayan’s hit movie ‘Figurine’ that the producer, had to turn her down when she approached him for a role with the excuse that she was too fair for the roles needed.

In her words, “There have been some projects that I was supposed to be involved in but I was told that I am too light skinned for the part. I remember when Kunle Afolayan wanted to do the cast for Figurine, I asked him if I could come for auditions but he told me that I am too ‘yellow’. There are some characters you need to play but you have to be dark skinned. I have had cases where I have to play some certain character and the make-up artiste makes me look very dark. Sometimes my complexion does not always favour me but I will not change my skin hue for any reason.”