“Suffering makes men brothers” this saying might not aptly describe the new found friendship between Sophia Momodu and Amanda, the two baby mamas of superstar Davido but still it says something about their situation.

Before now, their rivalry and the battle for the heart of their baby daddy had made them enemies attacking each other with social media posts.

However, now that it is clear that Davido’s heart belongs to neither Sophie or Mandy, they have no reason to fight anymore and this they already know and have accepted.

The two ladies now follow each other on Instagram just like Wizkid’s two baby mamas, liking and commenting on posts.

The feud between Sophie Momodu and Davido was the top story on all of the gossip websites of Nigeria back in 2015. There is probably no one who has not heard every little detail of each of their fights.

Davido meet Amanda, or Mandy. Little is known about this woman or their romance in general. We know that Mandy is 24, she is a student at Georgia State University and she lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything else is a mystery.