What looks like battle for supremacy reared its ugly head into the lives of the two sensational acts in Nigeria, Davido and Whizkid in far away New York where they both went for the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

According to the report received from the US based comedian Foxy P, Davido’s group walked out of the hall when Whizkid was about to sing and this kind of left an impression on the minds of their fans. The crew walked of whizkid, we learnt, because they could not stand to watch him perform.

“Davido and his HKN crew including Sina Rambo and B-Red came very late to the event and instead of waiting for a lull they just bounded all the way down the steps to the front row where EME stars Banky W, Skales, etc were sitting. They were relatively calm till towards the EME performance that started with XO Senevoe, Rotimi, Skales then Banky and Wizkid. At the time Wizkid came up Davido just got up with his whole crew and they all walked out. It wasn’t like they were rushing anywhere because everyone was eventually going to the after party so there was no hurry. I came out after he did and noticed that the entire HKN crew was just standing outside the auditorium doing nothing. It was clear to see they came out because they couldn’t stand to watch Wizkid perform.” Said a source.

Before now, the two youngsters are said to have been flexing muscles over supremacy, while some people think Davido is better than Whizkid, others said Whizkid is far better than Davido. This rancor, we gathered, has been going on ever before they left for New York.