Tonia Ferrari Okoro is making waves as a Yoruba actress even though she was born by a Cameroonian mother to a Nigerian father from Delta State.

The light skinned actress is blessed with both great boobs and bum but it is her bum that has caused her the major embarrassment of her life “That will be when some actors accused me of wearing fake hips and bum. At first I thought it was a joke but they were dead serious about it. They went on and on about it that I had to prove it to them that I am all natural.”

Want to know what she did?  Hear her: So, I pulled down my jeans and showed them my naked bum. They were transfixed and could not talk for moments. I know I have a fresh and beautiful bum. It was so crazy I couldn’t believe I did what I did. Even the guys were confused. Don’t think I am wayward or something, I believe so much in decency but their accusation made me lose my head. I even told them to touch it and confirm but they just stared in disbelief,” he said.