Things you’ll need:

•Foundation: liquid, crème, soufflé, cake
•Powder: loose, pressed, matt, shiny
•Mascara: elongate, thickens, shortens
•Eye Shadows: matt, glitter, loose, pencils
•Blush: pressed powder, loose
•Lipstick: mattes, iridescent, opaque
•Lip Gloss: brush on, liquid, roll on.
•Brushes: too many types to mentio
Step 1

By now you would have cleansed, toned and moisturised your skin ready to apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. Apply it over any blemishes or and blend with your fingertips or a make-up brush. Apply eye cream first, if under your eyes are dry, or crease

Step 2

Choose foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Match with your neck and knock the back of your hand, blend it out with a make-up brush or your fingertips until it covers your entire face, blending down to your neck line.

Step 3

Use a loose powder to keep foundation on longer. Use powder to touch up when you’re away from home; use a big powder brush. I would always recommend loose powder, why? It sets the foundation in place and looks far more natural once blended correctly. You do that by doing large circular movements, with a very large powder brush. Blend. Blend. Blend.

Step 4

Do your eyebrows next. Use powdered eyebrow shadow on brows instead of pencil, which can often look unnatural. Apply it with a hard, slanted brush, pencils are dated and give a very hard look. I do it every day and I love it.

Step 5

Choose three colours of eye shadow: light, medium tones only in a fairly thin line along the upper lashes. Use the medium shade for the crease and the lightest shade for the area under the eyebrow. There are many variations on eye shadow application techniques. I will share them with you over the next few weeks.

Step 6

Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes, in two thin coats to avoid lumpiness. Choose brown mascara if your colouring is fair; black or brown-black works well for darker colouring. Or try coloured mascara such as navy or plum for fun. Not suitable if you really want to just look natural

Step 7

Smile to find the apples of your cheeks, and apply blush to the apples or below, whichever you prefer. Remember black women only need a small amount if any at all. This is not my favourite make-up product. If you get this wrong, you would have destroyed your entire look. I have seen women who look like they had a round with Mohammed Ali. If you are not sure how to apply, stay away from using.

Step 8

Choose a lipstick colour that’s suited to your skin tone and that’s perfect for your day look. You can mix colours and textures. Use a lip brush to apply lip stick. This gives a smooth, professional finish. Personally I think your lipstick should be the same colour as your lip pencil. In fact, I think you should use the same lip brush to create your lip line. No need for a lip pencil.Line lips after applying lipstick, not before. That way you won’t end up with a dark circle of lip liner after your lipstick has worn off. Avoid combining very dark lip liner and pale lipstick. This avoids you looking like something that came out at night to play in the day. It is a very irritating look if applied incorrectly.

Show yourself

We would like to publish pictures of you, making up, or after you have made yourself up. Please send them as jpg file attachments to [email protected]. With authorisation for us to publish. With your names and contact phones. Let’s have fun. But, note that we won’t publish all.