Many would have been wondering why Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa, now pitch her tent in the Yoruba genre of the industry than the English genre but she has her reasons.

The actress, in a recent interview with celebrity watch international magazine, explained that she only acts Yoruba movies because the English language is her mother tongue.

She stated that she is not being restricted but just showing love for her culture as she is readily available if any English movie producer approaches her with a movie script.

When asked if she is being restricted from acting English movies, she said, “do I look like someone who can be restricted? I am somebody who love and appreciate my culture very much and you know English is not our language. It is a borrowed language and not indigenous, for me I am not seeing myself as being restricted. If any producer of Hausa or Igbo feels Dayo Amusa is good for the role, why not, I will.”