Olakunle Churchill the estranged husband of Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh had accused the actress of destroying his properties worth $15,000 dollars in Ghana in 2015.

This allegation was confirmed by a Ghanaian authority that many are of the opinion that it was staged, following the actress’s denial that it was all lies.

However, Kemi Olunloyo finally spoke about the actress’s marriage saga, and for the journalist she was of the opinion that Tonto should have shot him when she was physically abused.

As a victim of Domestic Violence when she was 25 years old, Kemi Olunloyo is an individual who doesn’t tolerate domestic violence.

For some like her who have been through series of violence, it’s no wonder why she is so verbally violent and ready to reign hell on any one who steps on her toes.

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She wrote: “THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO @TONTOLET #tontodikeh from a bold, brave, transparent woman. Like #ArethaFranklin and #WhitneyHouston sang “I’m every woman, it’s all in me”. The reason I brand myself as the most intelligent woman in Nigeria is simple. I do what others are SCARED to do.

I’m proud of myself, never been married, probably never will. I have written on Facebook that if I marry it will be for money and never love and that’s why billionaire #Bauchi Forex prince Ahmed Makama said he wasn’t giving up on me cos he’s been after me since our London school days when I was 17yo and he was 19.

Today Makama is 55yo and married with lots of grown kids and grandkids and wants a second wife. I will never be THE SECOND WIFE or be in a polygamous relationship. Even his Hausa wife is “excited to have me join as wife #2”.

I illustrated this beating around the bush to u @tontolet because I wanted to show the upcoming ones that many things attract us to marriage. Money, status looks etc. Regarding Churchill, YOU SHOULD HAVE KILLED HIM while you had the GUN!

I’m a gun violence activist. I promote guns for protection not for slaughtering, assassinations etc. It is to protect u from the bad elements.

As a social critic and investigative journalist people were waiting for my view. I was still investigating @zukiliciouz interview and your write ups. When I posted my #domesticviolence pics on Facebook 2013 with my entire hand in a man’s mouth bitten like an animal, my head busted with a pipe, people were shocked. Men glorified it…Kemi must have done the man wrong.”