Akpororo might just be swimming in the ocean of shame and embarrassment right now after been exposed publicly for his lies.

His show Akpororo vs Akpororo have been buzzing for weeks as social Medias, TV stations and radio stations has been advertising endlessly.

Among the celebrity enlisted for the event is Kate Henshaw, but unfortunately, it looks like it was all a scam as the actress’s management has come out to issue a disclaimer about the event.

The actress, who seems angry about such deceit, gave another to Akpororo to take down her name and from the publicity or anything relating to the event under 48 hours.

Relating to the situation, her management has however released an official statement, claiming the actress was never contacted about the event.

We- FK management, acting as management for Kate Henshaw (our client), were informed that our clients name and image was included in the publicity of an event(Akpororo vs Akpororo 2016), holding at Eko hotel on the 8th of July 2016 Being circulated by the organizers allegedly advertising our client as the host for the event.

We hereby issue a disclaimer on behalf of our client that:

A-    1.  Her name and image are been used without her knowledge and consent

B-     2.  She not approached by any of the organizer

C-      3.  Contrary to the false publicity being circulated in the media, Kate Henshaw is not in any way involved with the event.

4.Thank you, by Fk management on behalf of our client, Kate Henshaw