Well, Christians believe that when it comes to matters of religion, man should not judge but God but when it involves material things then the court is always available to judge.

The Deeper Life Bible Church and Celestial Church of Christ, have been on each other for a while now over land issues and this led to both parties ending up in court since 2014.

CCC had sued Deeper Life Church over the disputed land situated at Mulero, Agege, Lagos. On January 17, 2014 the Lagos High Court declared the CCC as the rightful owner of the land and awarded N5 million as damages against Deeper Life Church.

Dissatisfied with the verdict, Deeper Life Church appealed the ruling and urged the appellate court to set the entire judgment aside. But, in a unanimous decision, the appellate court struck out the appeal after pointing out that the CCC obtained its title in 1973 as against that of Deeper Life Church which was obtained 1998.