Nigeria won’t get better if all we do is keep quiet and take no action, play or role to seeing an end to all the disturbing challenges facing the various sectors in the nation.

As there are no perfect constitutions in the world, the development of a huge need to work with the window that we already have to get to the door, is necessary. The kingmaking process maybe flawed, but we must take our chances.

The 21st century youths care for a better future, but the elders are really giving it a tough time getting there. A lot of planned organizations that guides, encourages and educates the youths and educates to improving Nigeria has sprung up, but yet, the country’s situation keeps deteriorating.

What then is really wrong? Where are we getting it wrong? These are various questions amongst others that are asked always on a daily basis by most Nigerians.

23years old winner of the 24th edition of the Miss Tourism Nigeria[World] pageant, Collete Nwadike took to share her own ‘May 29th’ message earlier on, saying, “I seize this moment to wish you all (both Home and Abroad), a happy democracy day. Remember, for our nation to move forward, we should always consider first, what we can positively do for our country; not what our country can do for us”. Nice one, but then the question still remains, what major plans does she as a beauty queen have in stock already to affecting a change positively to Nigeria?

In the tourism sector, what ideas can she develop and create to perfecting that sector which is still ailing after years of battling and competiting to achieving her dream to becoming a beauty queen ambassador.

Questions and more questions. One thing still remains a problem in Nigeria, been concerned about the welfare of the country and acting on the particular prevailing issue, another thing is sharing a statement or message just to be remembered or heard.

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