Someone should have told  K. Michelle that she picked the wrong person when she mocked Dencia. We all know that Dencia is a woman in her own world who will not be threatened, cajoled or bullied without fighting  like the “Queen Of Matamba” she calls herself.

 K.Michelle in a mock African accent had said “No bleach like Ghost Dencia, no, too fine for that” adding that she will destroy Dencia.

K.Michelle deleted the messages she sent but it was too late because Dencia read it all. Dencia who was stunned by the attack said that she has never met K.Michelle in life but only know that she was on a reality show where she played a victim. She told K.Michelle. Unlike you who lightened your skin but you will deny it, I am proud of who I am, was, is and no you can never make me feel bad or bully me or anything because unlike most people I am way too tough.

She asked  K.Michelle “Do I have beef with you? I mean I don’t eat beef so maybe we know each other somewhere and I don’t remember. Confident women don’t look in the mirror and compare with others…I know you are trying to penetrate the African market and someone is in your ear telling you Dencia will make it happen but girl it’s one show and nothing else. Never that deep.

She then clapped back “Dear K Michelle, I hope whatever is wrong with you, you can heal from it peacefully . I’d have said I’ll pray for you but I come from a large family with many people to pray for and I don’t pray for people I don’t know. I know you need the press for your little event though you are more famous than me as you say, my bank account is pretty famous. I come from a third world country but I am doing something in your country so deal with that. Go fight with people on  TV and  leave me out, I don’t fight I call the police and I sue people.”