Singer, Waconzy has taken out time to reached out to Harrysong, telling him that the only way he can beat depression is to ‘find Jesus and making him happy by giving him his fame’.

According to Waconzy, ‘ the primary reason people go through depression is that they are empty spiritually. No matter how much you achieve in life, if your spirit is not fed by God then depression will set in. The best thing I did was to get closer to God’.

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He also said, ‘the kind of joy he has given me, no amount of money or fame can buy. Guess what, with Jesus in your life you can still be a baller, girls can still chase you, you can still sell out shows, you can still have millions of fans and more.

So asked yourself, what does the world have to offer me? Why am I not born again?. To be born again is very easy.

Just say this words very loud ” I accept Jesus and I denounce satan 7 times” then download audio bible (your version) and always listen to it like music. Start with James and Romans. Wouldn’t it be nice to do it now?