We are seeing Toolz, Ali Nuhu, Waje, Yemi Alade, and Hon. Desmond Elliot has joined forces  through the theme, Make Naija Stronger, to urge the government to adhere to its commitment to the 2001 African Union Abuja Commitment as it prepares to finalize the 2017 budget.

Hear what they have to say  “As a proud and patriotic Nigerian, it’s particularly distressing to me that our country is suffering from a silent killer, health crisis, which is completely avoidable,” says Waje.“It’s time to act, Naija. We must come together with one voice and tell our government to do more by investing in the health of our children and families. By doing so, we’ll Make Naija Stronger.”

Ali Nuhu said , “Enough is enough! This is the message we are sending to government. A healthy Nigeria makes a wealthy Nigeria and we need to stand together to Make Naija Stronger. Now it’s your turn. If you haven’t added your voice to ask for our nation’s health system to be made better, you need to do so right now.”