Desmond Olusola Elliot, 44, is a man wearing many caps- a husband, a father, a Nigerian actor, a movie director, a movie producer, and a politician. He is currently a legislator at the Lagos State House Of Assembly, Surulere Constituency 1.

In this interview with KemiAshefon, Elliot recalls how and where he met his wife of almost 15-years, Victoria.

The dad-of-4 also highlighted the features that attracted him to her and keeps him attracted still, even after many years of marriage.

”I met her in school, University of Jos. We were in the same church. We are church people,” he told KemiAshefon. ”I’m just the seat belt, she’s the one behind the wheels, the driver of my family, my heart, my life, my motivator.

That’s a woman who hardly sleeps, makes sure the kids are in bed, do their homework and are ready for school the next day.

She doesn’t do them because she has to, she does them because she wants to. Behind her are gifts she’s personally bought and brought to Surulere, then she puts on the Santa Claus costume and is on the road blessing lives. After that, she has an event to attend. Whew! what a gift God has given.”

The couple will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in December, 2018.