What can we say about the rate crimes are increasing in Nigeria on a daily basis? Is there a specific reason to this?

Two students, Chukwudi Oweniwe and Nifemi Adeyeye of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo (RUGIPO), Ondo Staten were in a relationship until the devil decided to use guy.

Chukwudi lured his girlfriend, Nifemi  intoa  bush with an excuse only god knows, and killed her in Ilu-Abo bush , Akure. 

The deceased and the suspect are both Part-Time students of the department of Science and Laboratory Technology (SLT). 

Narrating how he killed her, he said: “I invited her from Owo to Akure and after introducing her to my parents, I lured her into a bush and strangled her, leaving her body in the bush

On the second day, I asked a commercial motorcycle rider to take me to the bush where I left her; I observed that she was not dead and I used a stone to hit her head and she died immediately. My parents became curious when they did not see her and I was arrested by the Police.” 

He was questioned if Nifemi had done anything to him that warranted his evil act, she disclosed nothing of such ever happened as they never had an argument but was controlled by an evil spirit to kill her.

Meanwhile, he is currently with the police of that region and would be arraigned in court when investigation is over.