Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo is back and he is not slowing down. He is greedy to get back all that he must have lost while acting as a politician in his state for years before returning to Nollywood. 

 When we had thought that RMD was going home to rest after years of staying away from our big-screens, he is only giving us life  with his fashion and humours.

He once said “If a man consistently rules over a terrain for over 3 decades and is still waxing strong then only one title is befitting #King. The toast of #producers and #directors. The dream co-cast of #actors, the delight of #viewers.” Of course, he is already the king at what he does. However, he got advice for everyone who is famous or struggling to be famous.

“The discipline to graciously handle fame is more important than the struggle to gain fame. It is a person’s ability to handle the trappings (of fame) that determines his/her staying power” he said.

Meanwhile, he is being celebrated by Nigerian menswear brand T.I Nathan.According to the fashion brand, “Richard Mofe Damijo, prominent in his ways and action is being embossed in the very essence of what it is to be a legend, to be an inspiration, to have the power to create a revolution. RMD isn’t just an actor or figure of respect.

He represents something, a drive, a yearning within so many people. Richard Mofe Damijo is the source of total expression. From his captivating movies to his amazing skill in being a husband, father and a grandfather, we have come to understand that RMD is an embodiment of total Inspiration, thriving as the man who is so revered from the west. He is different, charming, funny and real.”