This is really a shame and disgrace to Nigerian entertainment industry as one of Nollywood finest has being arrested for robbery.

The actor,Ifenayi Azodo was allegedly arrested in Onitsha for robbery as a hotel manager in the region had reported him to the police for robbery. Although what the actor was said to have stolen is not revealed.

According to the area commander in charge of the case, Abubarkar Yahaya said eighty percent of what was stolen by the actor has being retrieved while further investigations is still ongoing.

With what was deducted from what the Area commander said, it appears the actor had an accomplice that is said to be within the age of 30.

Releasing an official statement regarding the issue the commander had this to say: “we had a case reported against him and we invited him for questioning and along the line we found out that he took laws into his hands and in the course of our investigation we found him wanting. During their discussion, there arose a misunderstanding between them which attracted the hotel management who invited the police. The man, who gave his name simply as Stephen, did not speak on the cause of the argument.”

Details of what really took place might not be revealed soon until investigation is thorough. Keep your fingers crossed for more details.hotel