As the divorce suit no FD14D01650 filed by Vice President of the Believers’ Love World Inc., Anita Oyakhilome, at the Central Family Court, London, asking for the dissolution of her 24-year marriage to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome lingers, the couple are still not on speaking terms.

Many social media users have reached that conclusion because no known member of the church popularly known as Chris Embassy felicitated with Pastor Anita, on her birthday which was yesterday, Thursday February 26.

Although Anita marked her birthday but the celebration was devoid of the usual social media hoopla that accompanied it the previous years.

Worse still, there was also no word from Chris, just as there was none from the children, Sharon and Charlyn.

It could be recalled that in the past years, the mother of two had received a dedicated programme where members of the church showered her with praises and love.

In 2012, an event was organised for her where different groups performed in songs and dance.

Three years after the classic event, YouTube still hosts a video recording entitled, We See God in You, a song composed by one ChristianK to honour Anita.

This was an atmosphere that was completely missing in Anita’s life on Thursday.

Even the UK office of the church might have celebrated offline, as there was no message attributed to its members in any of the social media channels and blogs.

On the website, the celebrant did not get a mention from the Christ Embassy family she meant so much to. The news and event section of the church’s website had nothing to indicate that the church had any programme lined up to celebrate with Anita, a woman many members had fondly referred to as the first lady of the Believers Love Word.

People kept asking, has their case gotten to that extent? or perhaps, some other surprise birthday packages are still in line for the ‘Mummy’ of Christ Embassy.