Florence Otedola, DJ Cuppy has cried out for a boyfriend after partying all night till 7 AM on her own without a man saying she seems to be aging the wrong way.

DJ Cuppy is currently in Dubai and based on videos she shared, she’s really enjoying herself but then seems to have issues with the fact that she doesn’t have a boyfriend to enjoy life with and that made her think she’s aging the wrong way.

According to her, it’s sad and things are really happening in her life but as a mother to Dudu and Funfun she has to control herself and enjoy life the way she can because life is too short even though she wishes to have a boyfriend.

Adding that such intense nights like the one she just had makes her wish she had a boyfriend to come and piggyback her to a kebab shop but unfortunately, she has none hence she just has to do it herself or let it slide.

DJ Cuppy has been in a couple of relationships but then ends up messing things up one way or the other and today she wishes to have a boyfriend which she would be able to get but we doubt if it will be genuine love from the guy.

She post on her instagram account saying: I’m 29yrs old and I Just party till 7am in the morning , in the big world of terms things are really happening I’m not getting younger and I seem to be aging in the wrong way, I relaneed to be more responsible”.