Single mother of two and fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, has described single mothers as super woman and King and queens. These names according to her, comes from the fact that single mother perform dual roles as fathers and mothers and still work hard to keep their children stable.

Toyin Lawani said single mothers should not see women who still have their husbands as superior because most of them are suffering and smiling while the rest are just being matured or keeping the marriage out of God’s grace .

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Here’s what she wrote below:

Single Mums Are super humans put some Respect on their Names,They Are Queens and kings you couldn’t Be

They are to Be worshiped ,you can be single By Death,divorce or other personal Reasons,two kids from different Dads?

That doesn’t mean society should put you down,you didn’t kill anyone,live your life,when you die,you die Alone,They won’t Go with you,Your situation doesn’t mean that a married woman is even Better than you?

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No,Don’t forget most of them Are suffering and smiling and most Are Happy cause of their maturity to make it work or Guidance from Gods words,life will always throw its curve balls,just dodge the ball and throw it back,that’s doesn’t mean you can’t find love again or shouldn’t try again,just set your Rules from then onset and know how to Hide it from the peering Eyes of the world,stand up for your Kids and never lose your voice.

Remember what Rocks your Boat, might not Rock mine,from life lessons,have learnt to put all my hopes in God not man,I trust only my kids,Single Mums Are more than someone that’s been handed bread daily,Parenting can Be so crazy,Not to Talk of mixing it with work,that Alone makes me Respect Any mom?? most men Go off and leave you to care for the kids,comes back at night and kiss them while sleeping already,that woman went through hell all day,strike a balance,most people like to take,but don’t want to give you Are strong enough to Rule your own world,nah don’t let them Beat you down,Nothing should distract you From your mission in life,Always Double up your hustle and Never ever lose focus of The Goals,Remember you have a King or Queen To Raise,work for your future now,we never know when tommorrow comes,The LEGACY IS KEY????TALKING FOR ALL THE VOICELESS REAL HARDWORKING BADDASS MOMS OUT THERE,I LOVE YOU ALL KEEP PUSHING ,YOU WILL GET THERE