“Do not vote for a Muslim President. Muslims have ruled the country for long. Nigerians used to be the most educated people in the world until the likes of Abacha and the Murtala Muhammed came and scattered our educational system to slow down the South so that the North can catch up, instead of speeding up the North.

We are sick and tired of politicians whose only objective is to fleece our public wealth. We have selfish people, selfish parents and selfish leaders who do everything for themselves and nothing for their children and successors. But, success is not success unless there is a successor. May God deliver Nigeria from ‘eldership’ and from a leadership that is overweight, undiscerning and blind. Do you know why Nigeria’s vast resources have not yet been discovered? It is because if they are discovered now, these useless people in power will squander them. But God is waiting for David to deliver us.” – Senior Pastor of House On The Rock, Paul Adefarasin, said two days ago as he called on Christians in the country to be involved in politics, especially the Presidency.