It seems many people have not gotten the secret and the magic wand that can really push someone from Ghana to win the ultimate in the Big Brother reality show.

Once again, i am disappointed in a section of the media who think that Confidence Haugen is the best option for Ghana. This simply means that Ghanaians have still not yet understood the rules of the Game.

For now, I would not like to comment on this issue because; I see the system for selecting who represents Ghana not clean enough. I will only come out to comment on it when the final representative is released to the world on Ist May as the organizers have promised.

The fact that we need an agent to represent Ghana, does not mean we should be scouting for artistes who can’t bring the $200,000 home because Ghana needs that too.

Ask me on any platform if Confidence Haugen qualifies to be the next representative for Ghana and I will say she does not qualify without fear or favour.

Until then, i will save my ink till 1st may when I will gladly access the one chosen by Multi Choice to verify if the person has the qualities or not.

“Ghana has been represented in previous editions of Big Brother by Sammy B, Kwaku T, Mimi, Ras Wayo and Sammy B whose performance in the House has been tagged by Ghanaians and in the house as exceptionally “Poor”