There is no need asking Ruggedman when he will get married. He is not like Banky W that anyone can throw shade at when it comes to getting married because he is not going to be pressurized to do so.

Even Banky doesn’t care what anyone got to say about his status as one of the most eligible bachelors in the entertainment industry.

Ruggedy Baba said “Marriage is not a fashion statement that everybody wants to join the trend. You don’t get married because people are getting married or get married because people asked you to do so, you get married when you are very ready to get married.”

He talks about parents forcing their kids to marry“ I keep saying parents should not force their children to get married because it’s part of what causes domestic violence in homes of nowadays.” When it is the right time, he promises everyone that he will get married. Whether in secret or open, we do not know so we keep our fingers crossed.