Oga Eya Mayweather crooner,  Olamide is not finding it funny that some friends are not giving him breathing space over supporting them. This is not a strange thing when it comes to Nigerian musicians who are doing very well in their careers.  This particular friend must have really bugged the life out of the singer for him to cry out.

Just few days ago,  Kemi Olunloyo who is Olamide’s critic claimed that he visits ritualists. She said “Olamide I am looking at you at Pulse TV. Have you ever been to a ritualist? Answer the question. We both know the answer. It’s not controversial. For me to say something like that out on the Internet. I can stay in front of Mushin and say it no one is going to touch me.”

It is the least of Olamide’s problem who has told his friend “Don’t frustrate another person pikin. Bug your parents at least they brought you to this world. And some bugging ass dude ruining my day too. I am chasing my dreams, chase yours. Don’t bug me, i am hungry too