Nollywood actress cum model, Joy Awade,has advised pregnant women to always look good and clean when pregnant.

She said that being pregnant does not stop any woman from looking sexy and gorgeous. She said that some women give different reasons why they don’t look good . Some blame it on hormone.

She blamed women who would say that their husbands do not like seeing them whenever they are pregnant. It looks as though the love decreased but immediately they put to bed, the love automatically returns.

She said that they should look beautiful just like the first time their hubbies fell in love with them otherwise their husbands will start looking outside.

“Please dear lovely Ladies outder if u ain’t ready 2 take care of urself in this very interesting, exciting ,very tricky moment of this 9months journey pls dnt dare venture into it cos children are gifts and blessings from God. And it’s also a time 4u 2 explore all ur wonderful cravings and also try as much as possible To feed ur baby right so he/she comes out looking like a million dollars kid,” she advised.

She also commended Chachaekefaani as a sexy pregnant woman.