In a recent interview with Telegraph Newspaper, award winning, light skinned and beautiful Doris Simeon who is the estranged wife of ace filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan spoke at length about her new found love, her problems with Stella Damasus and lots more.

On her present love life, the divorced mother of one said; “I’m in a relationship with God, my business, my career for now and my son. But I have not given up on love and marriage. No, not at all, I believe that when God says its time, its time. I will never ever give up on love or marriage or trying again, I still believe in love. I will never accept my ex-husband if he comes begging. No, I won’t, all I want is my son. Well, we are still in court, so I don’t say much about it. I just want my son.”

Adding to that, the actress cum producer said she can die for love; “if it’s for love of a child or my children, I will do anything even to the point of death.’

When asked about Stella Damasus, Doris confirmed that she is not in good terms with her ex-husband’s new partner.
“I’m not Stella’s friend, she and I don’t talk. We’ve never worked together before, so we are not friends, I don’t have any business with her.’

While it has become part of the norm in Nollywood for actresses to expose their bodies all for movie roles, Ms Doris said she’s not ready for to act play nude, no matter the money involved.
“Ha! I can’t, no matter the money involved, I can never! Maybe if I was white and I’ve been groomed in that sense, but thank God I’m a Nigerian. I can’t dare it. I’m a cultured woman and I know my culture won’t permit me, so I can’t.”

Doris expressed her thoughts in the regular marriage breakups in the entertainment industry
According to her, it’s more rampant in their industry because they are in the spotlight and all eyes are on them.

“I really don’t think it’s only in the industry. I think people hear about us more often maybe because we are in the spotlight; it’s everywhere. Even pastors also suffer the same thing, so it’s not just the entertainers alone. There was a day in my church when we were about having our anniversary. We were talking to the pastor and his wife came and was saying we should leave her husband alone to rest that he was just coming in from travel. So you can imagine whatever it is they must have been going through at home.

It’s because we are in the spotlight that is why people hear of ours. Because of this my marriage issue, I go to court all the time. I see and hear cases; it is everywhere. But as entertainers, we hear things a lot and we have developed thick skin, because there are some words you will hear and you will almost commit suicide.”