Big brother Nigeria “Double Wahala” housemate Cee-C who is always spotted during her sleep engaged in a conversation and fights has shared the reason behind it.

Some of the housemates have been afraid saying it is spiritual and that she needs some prayers or deliverance to help combat this act.

Miracle,Nina and Lolu had a conversation about Cee-C constantly talking and fighting in her sleep .According to Lolu she talks as if she’s having  a conversation with someone and even fights .Nina concured, saying she needs prayers .

However, Miracle thinks that it is because she eats and sleep late so she should stop eating and drinking late if she do not want to experience this again.

During a conversation between Nina and Cee-C, Cee-C revealed that this happened even when she was still little and her mother always take her to church for prayers yet it didn’t stop.

“It’s because of the issues i’m having.It’s something that happens subconsiously.A continuation of whatever happens during the day or week .My mum actually took me to church for prayers in the past .So I was told to stop playing too much .It’s not spiritual . I am mentally, physically, emotionally stressed. I can understand why I’m always talking in my dream. I’m dealing with a lot” Cee-C said.

Cee-C was up for eviction stayed put again in the house after getting the 2nd highest vote percentage behind Miracle.