Mavin crew member,Dr Sid has been away from the twitter world for a while now and he suddenly shows up and make a room for fans to ask him any question. Trust fans, they didn’t waste time hitting him with some questions you cannot help but laugh.


Someone had asked him how fast he unhooks his wife’s bra with one hand. Guess what he has to say.

When he was asked if he intend to go back to the medical profession sometime in future, he said no but he got something with medic still “Not really but I have the #DrSidFoundation that focuses on dental health just did something with #project” This is a huge project we believe.

Another asked “How fast can you unhook bra with one hand” He smiled and said “Lol I am a pro!” Then this fan asked “Some years ago, you said that you were learning how to produce…When should we expect a song produced by you?

Dr Sid replied “I tried but it is not my strength but someday soon maybe hehe” Finally, we picked the next question “What is your worst embarrassing moment on stage ever?”
He replied “Slipped and fell on #starMegaJam stage it hurt”