It’s no more news that Akwa Ibom origin, Kemen who is a fitness trainer, was disqualified yesterday for sexually harassing Tboss. While many had supported the punishment dished out to him, so many had opposed it saying it was uncalled for because the victim never raised any alarm nor threw any tantrum.

 The clips had shown her eyes opened and conscious of what was happening and she only turned away when he touched her, whilst the part of ‘she wasn’t aware’ , shocked many.

Report making waves states that Kemen whose reputation has been destroyed following the accusation, might be taking a legal action really soon.

As a fitness trainer, this scandal has a long way in ruining all he has built over the years and that might not be overlooked.

What biggie feared, why they took the decision of disqualifying Kemen after Tboss nagged about legal actions, might eventual take place from the stable of Kemen.

According to an alleged family source; the fitness trainer’s family are displeased with the punishment labeling him as a pervert/rapist and also very angry that Tboss couldn’t save the situation.

The source also disclosed that if Tboss wasn’t comfortable or didn’t approve, she should have thrown tantrums.

Speaking more, his family is waiting for Kemen to be back to base before they sue Big brother for defamation of character and unlawful justice.

They are of the opinion that Tboss is like a sacred egg in the show probably because she has a strong force backing her.

This also bring us to the contribution of controversial singer, Tunde Ednut who seems to be siding with kemen as he disclosed that it was all staged because Tboss didn’t complain.

He said: “bullshit! That girl didn’t shout or complain after she woke up and saw him. Cut me that slack big brother. People have done all different things in that house. All of them should be disqualified plus big brother himself. This whole game was staged to me; the only problem is that Kemen will have a bad name for a long time in this our country Nigeria where we cannot find our president. its funny how big brother will be disqualifying someone for the same bullshit they are promoting.”