Chris Mba of The Baby Don’t Cry fame has denied allegations that he was caught by agents of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the international wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport for drug peddling.
A visibly angry Chris who spoke to this writer in his Surulere, Lagos residence said, “There is no truth in the story reported by some media organisations (not Vanguard) that I was caught with some quantity of hard drugs otherwise known as cocaine.

“Look my brother, I have not finished with the treatment of my bad leg and neither have I gone anywhere near the airport in a long time. So how could I have been caught at the airport?”
Narrating the origin of the story which he described as the handiwork of his enemies, Chris revealed that,

“A certain guy named Christopher Mba and who claimed to be a business man from a country that is not even Nigeria was arrested at the airport for being in possession of a banned substance called cocaine.

“Rather than call to confirm from me to know if I was the one involved in the drug business, the architects of the evil story, went to town with the story and my picture claiming that their enemy had been arrested for drug peddling.

“As soon as people started calling to confirm if it’s true that I’m in detention,” he went on, “I contacted my lawyer and together we drove down to the NDLEA office where we met with the original culprit who indeed bears no resemblance to me.”

On what steps he’d take to redeem his image, the soft spoken, Abia State-born musician said, “I have nothing to say to you right now. My lawyer has been briefed on what necessary actions he needs to take to bring to book all those who published the evil story.”