Alexis Sanchez has come under unusual criticism following the one nil defeat the Chilean male National Football team suffered in the hands of their Bolivian counterparts and the submission made by an unnamed former Chilean National team coach, saying Sanchez was looking fatter than necessary .


A group of fans numbering over fifty five thousand are set to match against Sanchez’s girlfriend whom they described as the reason for Sanchez lack of form.

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More than 55,000 Chile fans say they are going to march on the national stadium and demand that Alexis Sanchez breaks up with his girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez.

The Arsenal forward has come in for criticism this week over his performances for the national team this week, with a former coach claiming the player looked “fatter than normal”. And in a bid to get their star man back to his best ahead of next summer’s World Cup, supporters say they will protest on the streets of Santiago and call for his return to bachelorhood.

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A Facebook page organising the event has 55,000 members, with a further 13,000 who say they are “interested” in attending. “March for Alexis Sanchez to break up with Mayte Rodriguez and return to his best for the World Cup in Russia 2018,”