Bad times are looming ahead in the marriage of a certain South South female Commissioner.The lady who is a graduate of Corporate Policy Administration is married to a certain politician cum businessman.The man himself is a very fanatical fan of the Arsenal FC,and was once linked to a sizzling romance with a beauty queen in his state.

The commissioner herself has some maternal links with the first lady of that same state.

Gist abound that her first child,a son,was fathered by another man,and that this well kept secret is yet to be known by her husband.Now the guy from yesterday is holding her to ransom.He is now behaving like a whitlow,which not only divides a family,but also destroys the finger of friendship.

The amebo said in those days they were like five and six;the guy had no kobo after his name,a situation that made the lady turn to the man who eventually became the husband.

As the gist continues,we hear that a N50 million-contract has already exchanged hands as a form of settlement,but like Oliver Twist,the guy is asking for more or he will spill the beans.

The commissioner has been trying to play soft,and may be try to strike a final deal for old times sake,but the first lady,we learnt,has dished out a warning salvo that “whenever the monkey’s tail is on fire,the fish will discover to its displeasure that the exclusive right of swimming in the high seas is not entirely his”.Or,as our ancestors used to say “the whitlow that soils other fingers must be dealt with before it destroys a people”.

When the matter blows open,which will be soonest,I will let you know.