The actor and that Saint Obi-look alike Ebi Sam showed up on the grounds of White House, venue of the 2009 edition of the Nollywood Personality Award (NOPA) 2009. The lanky actor, whom we earlier commissioned a search on, showed up in a blue suit feeling uncomfortable at the kind of attention his appearance elicited. Anyway, what happened was that all those who could not tell the difference between Ebi and our very dear own Saint Obi swarmed on him to take photos with him. One lady even wanted him to sign autograph for her. But it was as if they discovered that he was not Saint Obi, so, every other person who had not been fooled, stayed back. And in no time, our guy heeled out of the red carpet area. The last person we asked after him hinted that they saw him trekking along Allen Avenue. Our guy was on his way home. One waka pass said he had to …. Hear him: ‘I mean you can be Saint Obi for a moment; not all the time’.