When it comes to whom one’s besties is, it should be no other than your life partner. Your better half should not just be called that for fun, as that person should also double as your bestie.

Many union crumpled because some individual do not make their partner their best friend, when a relationship lacks that as a foundation then there is bound to be a crack in the wall.

No one says you are not entitled to have other friends, but you spouse should be your confidant and best friend.

OAP Uchendu, became a year today, and the wife, Cynthia in her hilarious manner choose to let the world know she is no competition with anyone.

In her special birthday shout out, she beauty made us understand that she is not only his wife but also his best friend.

 In her words: “plenty people will be claiming best friend today, tell them who your bestie is. Thank God for giving me the most handsome, loving and intelligent husband in the world. Happy birthday to you my best friend.”