The old saying that a leopard cannot change its spot was confirmed on Friday October 22 when popular music act, Eedris Abudareem went gaga again. The arrogance and impatient attitude that made him notorious years back were on display that day.

The venue of the incident was at Club 10 in Lagos where different celebrities came around to celebrate with female sensation, Goldie on her birthday and album release party. Eedris created a scene and not a few were disappointed in him as he took on retired footballer, J.J Okocha.

Information pieced together revealed that Eedris was initially denied access to the VIP section of the club by the club bouncers. This we heard infuriated him. But he finally made is way to the VIP section. On getting to VIP, he decided to pour his aggression on Okocha who happens to be the owner of the club.

Eedris started shouting, causing unnecessary distress at the club. Despite the high volume of music emanating from the speakers, his voice reverberated through the building as he was said to have gone on an ego trip.

Being a gentleman, Okocha resisted all attempts to join Eedris in a shouting match. He simply beckoned to him to calm down and at the same time urging people to persuade him to calm down. But instead, Eedris gone even wilder. He created such a scene that night that many who witnessed the show of shame concluded that he was yet to put on a new leaf as claimed.

At a point, Eedris was the most sought after artiste in Nigeria. No show was complete without him. He had all urbane music lovers eating from his palms with hits like Oko Asewo, Player Meji, Jagajaga, Mr. Lecturer, among others. But at that point in his carrer when he probably assumed no one will ever meet up to his standard, he began courting controversy by displaying a high level of arrogance and causing problem here and there. His widely publicized quarrel with America artiste, 50 Cent readily comes to mind.

Shortly after the messy squabble, his career took a nosedive. He bade the record label that nurtured him to stardom, Kennis Music bye-bye to float his record label called Lakareem Records. Along the line, he joined Now Musik for management where he ended his beef with Ruggedman because both artistes were at that time being managed by the company. He released an album then titled Mr. President but it was a commercial flop. About two years after that, he returned from a sabbatical and released another album titled The King is Back and still couldn’t break through into mainstream. This eventually made him to retrace his steps and return to Kennis Music.

The news of his return made headlines and what made it more interesting was that he appeared to have donned the garment of humility. However, his attitude on Friday October 22 speak seems to have stripped him of the garment. But, as usual, he claims to be fighting for his rights.

He has a new album titled Unfinished Business.