The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has placed a ‘No Debit Order’ on a Unity Bank account belonging to billionaire Ms Bola Shagaya, over alleged links to former First Lady, Dame Patience Joanthan.

EFCC have uncovered links between Ms Shagaya and the former First Lady while investigating the latter for allegedly diverting some sums of money while her husband was in office.

The EFCC source said, “When we were investigating Patience and looking into her accounts, we discovered that Bola Shagaya had been making huge and regular payments into her (Patience’s) bank account. We then discovered that the monies were kickbacks. The Ministry of Trade and Investment gave suspicious commission to Shagaya’s company on every crude oil sent abroad. The commission was put in an account for Bola Shagaya. The money will then go to Patience’s account. So we started investigating her.

“We were able to trace the N500m to her account at Unity Bank. So, we placed a ‘No Debit Order’ on the account.” Meanwhile, Mrs Jonathan is said to have attempted making a withdrawal of $5m from her frozen account at Skye Bank.

 “We received an alert from Skye Bank during the week that Patience attempted to withdraw $5m from her personal account titled Patience Ibifaka Jonathan which is domiciled at the bank.We immediately told the bank not to allow any withdrawal because a ‘No Debit Order’ had been placed on the account.