The Chief Executive Officer of Al-Gory J Films and Records, Alhaji Goriola Jaji, whose company bankrolled Yetunde Wunmi’s image-laundering movie, Egbogi Oloro (Hard Drugs), has revealed how the Yoruba actress allegedly duped him.

And following this revelation, the hitherto cordial relationship between the duo seems to have finally hit the rocks.

Gory J, as the business dude is fondly called, alleged that the actress duped him by using part of the money meant for the shooting of Egbogi Oloro (part 1 & 2), for another movie, Itelorun, without his consent.

In his word, “see, I had decided not to comment on this issue before, but people have been saying all sort of things about it, so I need to set the records straight.

“I gave her money to shoot Egbogi Oloro, and while on location, I heard that she is also using part of the money to shoot another movie. We fought over this and the case was taken to the ANTP executives led by Prince Jide Kosoko.

“So, after the deliberations, it was resolved that Wunmi should not release the other film until four months after the release of Egbogi Oloro.

“But to my greatest surprise, the movie was released barely after two weeks the part two of Egbogi Oloro got to the market. This actually had an adverse effect on the sale of Egbogi Oloro because it is the same Wunmi that produced both.”

When we sought the reaction of Wunmi on the issue, she described it as a mere blackmail.

“Let him say whatever he likes, but one thing I know is that God is my witness. How much did he give me that will be enough to shoot two films? God will judge,” she said.

One of her spokespersons also told that Wunmi had shot Itelorun before Al-Gory J paid the balance for Egbogi Oloro.

“After shooting Egbogi Oloro, Wunmi waited for another one year before it was released, all because Al-Gory J could not balance the bill then,” the spokesperson noted.