Nigerians are known for taking fashion every time to the next level with their creativity.

When it comes to the most fashionable African country, Nigeria should definitely be among the top 3.

Our fashion trends and style has gotten better over the years, but many tend to over do it at times.

Pretty OAP,  Eku Edewor, is definitely a fashionista, she always slays whenever she steps out.

In a recent photo shared, she stepped up her game to the next level; she wore a black mini fur outfit.

 She took a risk on fashion to pull this out and still look beautiful with the dress despite been a skinny person naturally. Normally, such outfit should fit better on a plum individual, but Eku managed to slay with the outfit.

Fashion is all about guts, how bold and daring one can go, how many risk one can take to look unique.

So ladies, looking at the look of the outfit, would you really rock that outfit, or do you think she got it wrong this time?