We at the Nigerian Reunion Organization would like to thank everyone for making The Nigerian Reunion Houston 2009 a success. We bid you farewell as you return to your different cities and we hope to see you next year.

We would also like to use this medium to apologize to all those who paid to see the artist Eldee because he was a no-show at the concert.

We would like to clarify the circumstances surrounding his absence. Mr. Olanrewaju Dabiri aka: Eldee refused to perform on Saturday June 27th. He neglected his fans with utter disregard because of a balance payment of $500.00. We want everyone to know what exactly happened as we are demanding a formal apology from Eldee to his fans in Houston, Texas. We believe they do not deserve the treatment
metered to them by Eldee.

Please read this carefully and make your own judgment Mr. ‘Eldee’ was paid a total sum of $4000.00 (payment information and contract will be available for all to see in 24 hours) for his performance fee before he left Nigeria, leaving a balance of $1000.00. On the day of the concert Mr. Eldee refused to leave the hotel to the venue except the balance of $1000.00 was given to him. The driver assigned to him made him understand his balance was available before he hits the stage just like every other artist. When he refused, the driver went to the ATM and pulled out $500.00 which was the maximum daily withdrawal and asked him to get into the car as his fans were waiting but he still refused while he was in his hotel complaining, Mr. Olu Maintain and the kentro crew left the hotel and performed to the fans later that night without knowing how or when their performance fee was paid.

Throughout the weekend Mr. Eldee never participated in any activities planned by the NRO. He made plenty of excuses not to come out. Instead, he visited movie theatres, shopping malls and hung around with friends, all with no formal notice or way of contacting him. Eldee conducted himself in a manner unbecoming of an artist. He complained when his breakfast was 30 minutes late, he even worked out of a mic Check because some other artist or Random artist as he put it where on stage.

Going further, Mr. Eldee conducted himself even unprofessionally once more when he ran up an unauthorized tab at the hotel with pay per view movies, room service, bar service and so on. He also complained of unequal treatment between himself and Olu Maintain. He complained of no attention and him not being treated to anything. He complained of not having a 24hr staff assigned to him. Now here is what our organization has to say about that. The same drivers were assigned to both artists. Olu maintain and his crew were always available, Eldee and Oladele were never available. Feeding was provided at the same time to all the other artists. All the artists were grateful but eldee complained. We believe that petty jealousy should not be a reason why any artist should disappoint their fans because at the end of the day, the fan base is different and Olu Maintain performed for his fans while Eldee was sitting in his room.

We at the NRO recognized that we did not satisfy all of Mr. Eldee’s many demands, but we also believe that Mr. Eldee took his anger too far by disappointing his fans. The greatest artist of them all Michael Jackson was facing trial, a trial that may have sent him to jail for a long time, but when he saw his fans, he stopped and gave them a show. Mr. Eldee should learn that singing about money, cars and the big boy life is nothing without his fans and so he has to apologize immediately.

Please join us in asking Eldee to tender an apology to his fans that were at the concert. He is free to give any excuses he wants for his disgraceful behavior, but ultimately, he needs to learn that fan power is the ultimate and he will be boycotted if he doesn’t apologize

This is where we’re at for now; we are in consultation with our Attorneys and we await Eldee’s next move. An apology to the Nigerians in Houston will mean a lot as we proceed.