Nigerian Nollywood actor Emeka Amakeze is indeed happy with the good fortune of love he has found as his marriage is 16 years older.

When many actors and actresses are heading for divorce in their various marriages, well Emeka is walking down a lane of love with his longtime partner.

Emeka Amakeze got married to his wife Blessing Amakeze on the 2nd of April 2002.

The actor share a photo he took several years ago with his wife in a bid to take her mind back to the old days as they travel through the streets of memory lane, he disclosed how she was playing hard to get initially but letter was filled in love with him.

He wrote;

“Do you remember these pictures we took as students? So, guys… I went after this babe in our undergraduate years. After her initial gra gra, we closed up and our love flourished. We were like ube na ọka. We graduated and walked down the aisle. And today? We are even closer and better than 5 and 6, ube na ọka, akara na bread, gala and lacasera, and the rest of those things you guys love to mix together… I celebrate her today not just because it is our 16th year of being together as husband and wife… Wives come in different shades but she has remained the wife. And I found a good thing… #marriage #wedding #family #wife #weddinggown #love #anniversary​ #bestoftheday #photooftheday #tagsforlikes #fun #instagood #husband #pictureperfect #photooftheday #Igbo #students.” He wrote.