Ailing actor Emeka Ani has been gifted the sum of six million naira by the founder and senior prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin.

The church made this known in a recent video uploaded on Facebook.

According to the prophet, he saw a video of the actor soliciting financial support from people in other to pay for his medical treatment.

“I saw an actor, Nigerian Nollywood actor crying saying ‘I am finished, if you people do not help me, anything can happen to me, I am gone’. When I was on the internet I saw him crying for Nigerians and the world at large to help him. We had to help the people who needs help, the prophet said in the video.

Narrating his ordeal to the congregation, the actor said he started feeling pains around his buttocks on December 7, 2020. After consulting his physician and running a test, he was operated on.

The wound, however, refused to heal due to his diabetes, after asking to be discharged from the hospital to seek financial assistance, he suffered stroke and has been battling illness since then.

“On the 6th day of December 2020 I began to have pains around my buttock, I could not sit, I could not lie down from that day. The next day being the 7th I called my doctor, he stays in Owerri and he said I should start coming to the hospital. After doing some checkups and going through some tests, they decided to operate on me and I explained to him that I had this diabetes and for 16 years I’ve been going through this diabetes, he said never mind he knows exactly what to do.

“He carried out an operation on me after 3 days as he wanted to open up the operation to carry out treatment, he opened the place and the place got rotten as if they poured water on a loaf of bread, my buttocks got scattered and began to smell. I was in the hospital for seven good months. I cannot eat, walk or eat normal food and I began to beg him to discharge me so I can go ahead and source for money to pay the balance of the hospital bill, I left and that was when I had the stroke,” he said in the video.

The video also shows the actor receiving the gift from the prophet.

Reacting to the gift, the actor said, “I want to thank God for this wonderful gesture from the Senior Prophet of God, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin. I am so happy. I never expected this.

“Even though I know that he helps people financially and otherwise. I never knew he was going to give me a huge amount of money like this. I want to thank members of the church. I want to thank the prophet of God.”

It will be recalled that the actor made a public appeal for financial aid on Instagram on October 25.