Star actor Emeka Enyiocha , talked not only on his love life but on his new project, a TV series he is producing called “The Patriot”, in honour of Prof. Dora Akunyili.

He opened up on the relationship when he was confronted and about the rumour he had earlier on denied. “She is a wonderful person, she is my queen, the most beautiful woman on earth, the angel of my life and she is nice to be with”.

What is The Patriot all about?

The Patriot is a project that saves life. It is a project for humanity; it is a project for awareness. We want to sensitize the public to be mindful and sure of what they use their hard-earned money to buy. And above all, we also want to entertain.

We decided to put it on TV, on a weekly basis. It will be on network because of the import of the message. It is a TV series also subtitled, so that those who cannot hear can as well grab the message.

How has it been working on the set of The Patriot?

It is a tedious production, if not for what we believe, and for humanity, we would have given up. I tell you, the subtitling alone is bigger than the production itself.

It’s more like doing this so that people can benefit from Nollywood, their stars and their role models. You won’t understand how deep fake and adulterated products have gone into destroying lives without them knowing. It would be suicidal for you to use your money to buy what will kill you.

You think you can stop it?

We cannot really eradicate it, what we want to do is to bring people’s realization and consciousness that whenever you want to buy any medicine, ask for NAFDAC registration number, batch number and expiry date.

Don’t hurry to buy what would kill you eventually. We also want to use The Patriot to talk to people in this dubious business because if you throw a stone in the market place, you don’t know who it would strike.

You never can tell who your drug or adulterated product is destroying somewhere. It may be your blood relation; we encourage government for what they are doing. NAFDAC has done a great deal; we are also appreciating the populace for their support.

How much of support do you enjoy in the project?

The cast and crew are fantastic, the production is their life and they see it as a life-saving project. So, they don’t see it as a normal Nollywood film. They see it as their own quota to save lives and they are excited about it.

You did a premier last year, what is delaying the release?

Knowing the business environment, we don’t want to sell our rights earning peanuts, we are content providers. We are doing business, we have good jobs. From the transmission of the six episodes we have shot, we had over 5,000 text messages commending us on the work, so we have decided to do the right thing. We have a good film that any brand that values quality and life can buy into, we are ready for business.

You keep changing the cast, what is the reason for these?

Because we want a good job, NAFDAC has not failed I any way and if we are doing anything that concerns the agency, it has to be perfect. That is why we are adding to the cast and improving on what we had done. We have over 200 casts; it has not been done anywhere. We also have the highest numbers of stars you can imagine in soap, even in a movie. We are using Nollywood to pass an important message and to entertain too.

They say you have a personal relationship with NAFDAC DG?

Let’s praise this woman, since she is a successful woman. It is only the 419 people or those that have embezzled our money that we will praise. If you do a good job and you are celebrated, it will make others replicate your exemplary feat. And that’s what we are doing; I don’t know Dora Akunyili from anywhere.

The first day I met her she came across as a very simple and ordinary woman. You won’t even know she is the one the world is talking about. It took us one year to get their consent and approval; the script was written by my partner, Chidi Nwokeabia.

Have you thought about the danger in the project since you are battling a cabal?

Anybody that trusts in God cannot be scared, if you want to take my life, take it. I know I’m doing something that is positive and you can’t even take it because am not alone. They will get me if I’m doing something wrong, God is my protection.

You have now concentrating on production than acting?

No, I will always be an actor but I needed to oversee this work and it’s interesting with a different ball game.

You have been acting for the past 15 years, how has it been?

It’s been wonderful but is just starting. After Ezebunafo, End of the River, Peacemaker and loads of flicks, the sky, I would say has been my stepping stone.

What is your regret as an actor?

Not starting acting as a child, but now I would have nearly perfected my act.

How do you take criticism or bad reports?

If I did wrong, you write, that’s okay but if you write or say what I never imagined, it hurts me like anything. It’s devastating. That’s why I run away from my colleagues.

What’s the bad side of being a star actor?

They think you are a super human that the same blood that runs in others doesn’t run in you. They don’t even want to see you on okada.

How do you run away from scandals?

I’m not a saint, but I don’t do anything to the extreme. I’m very cautious of what I do. I know my kids will ask me question on day, there are some mistake s an adult must not make.

Can you still recall your first relationship?

I don’t know how to start this, it’s gone and it’s gone. I believe if you enter a relationship and you are out of it, you build a stronger experience. And there is this experience you gain from any failed relationship, because whatever the failure will not happen again.

Has you heart been broken in a relationship before?
No. I call it regret, not heartbreak. Yes, I had such regret.

They are still saying that you are in the process of getting married?

That is true. a man of my age and status , a man people all over the world believe and expect something better to come from should be in the process of getting married. Your life is always towards having a family.

You want to find someone that will accept you, someone that will tolerate, appreciate and understand you. That is what I’m doing and that is what I have done. It took me time because I don’t want to stay out of marriage.

Can you be more specific?

There is no smoke without fire; it’s just that I thought it is my private life. Yes, I’m in love. I’m getting married soon and that is very soon.

How would you describer your fiancée?

She is a wonderful person, she is my queen, the most beautiful on earth, the angel of my life and she is nice to be with.

Was it love at first sight?

I don’t know about love at first sight. You get to know someone gradually and with time, you bond. Even when you quarrel, you quarrel with love.

The affair started one, two years ago?

Sometime now.

What do you like most about her?

Her bluntness and straight forwardness. She is straight to a fault.

You are an actor, she is a lawyer, and do you envisage conflict in the future?

She is also a theater practitioner, it runs in the family.

Where is she from?

She is a Nigerian.

The Lord has been very good to you, what are your expectations in life?

First, I want to give back to the needy and I also want to contribute to the development of the society. And above all I want to see our dear Nollywood rated as high as the Hollywood.