A bomb shell just dropped on the social media and many has gone agog over the news of Maje Ayida’s Second baby mama.

This news might also be news to Toke Mkinwa who never knew about the existence of another baby mama maybe until recent.

If Toke was aware about Maje’s Trinidad baby mama, I’m sure she would have written about it in her book just like she as she wrote about Anita Solomon.

Even though the OAP has moved on, it’s only human for her to feel bad hearing the fact the man she loved and gave her all to, was never faithful or truthful to her.

Truth be told, the news would not only make Toke Makinwa upset, it will also affect the baby mama the whole world knows about, Anita Solomon.

In one way or the other, Anita Solomon might have been hoping that she and Maje could work something out together since Toke Makinwa was no longer in the picture.

But that dream might no longer be a reality when she finds out she is not his first baby mama neither is her son, his first child.