Weeks ago, rumor went viral saying President Muhammadu Buhari was dead while he was away for health issues.

The government had since debunked the tale saying he is Alive and recuperating and would stay abroad a little longer than expected.

Nigerians have been wishing the president a safe recovery but a particular man of God has declared that he would die in government.

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi who happens to be the general overseer of King of Kings Deliverance Church based in Ebonyi state has been trending ever since hid declaration.

He said: “Buhari will die in office; if he does not die, then I am not a man of God. Osinbajo will rule in his stead. I told them a long time ago to pray for their master, that he needed urgent prayers to avert the calamity of death at Aso Rock, but they were lazy.

No one has bothered to reach me, now see what is happening. They don’t want to come for prayers. Things will get worse,I had early said he will die, now see what is happening. Nobody wants to come and see the man of God, no one cares. You think it’s like something you can wish away. You cannot wish it away.

You people around the president, you are sleeping. You won’t do anything to pray for him. Let me tell you, until you come before the man of God, and kneel down and pray for the president, you are also heaping curses upon yourself.

You think the calamity will visit only him? It will visit those who also heard and refused to do anything to save the president.

While it’s still early, seek the face of God for the sake of Nigeria for the sake of President Buhari, and save the situation.

But the Lord has even said that you will suffer due to your obstinate mind. Unless one arises to save the president, he shall never rule beyond one term.

He shall certainly die in office, says the Lord, unless I am not God, says the Lord.”