• Steph-Nora Okere, how about you?

When Charles Egwu, the Anambra State born ex-hubby of star actress Eucheria (UK) Anunobi absconded, leaving UK in the lurch with their only child Joshua, people started wondering why he did so; especially people who were close to UK.

Reason was that the Mbaise born diva was committed to that marriage. She did a lot of things you wouldn’t have ordinarily expected her to do because she wanted it to work. By all means, she put in her best to ensure her marriage would not hit the rocks. But maybe, just maybe, her best wasn’t good enough for Charles.

A movie producer once confided in me immediately after Eucharia’s marriage failed that he too was surprised that Charles could abscond because UK was proud of him; that she boasted to whoever cared to listen that her marriage would never crash because she was a good cook, hot in bed, expert in tidying the house and more importantly she wasn’t a lazy bone, so what would a man be looking for?

The movie producer felt pity for her when he started reading her divorce stories on the pages of soft sell magazines where she unveiled allegations of how she fed her ex-hubby, clothed him, paid the rent and was still loyal to him, yet the guy had the audacity to sleep with their housemaid and later took a walk.

But guess what? This bitter experience hasn’t stopped UK from yearning to remarry. She longs badly to have a man she could answer his name even after all she went through in her previous marriage. Need blame her for desiring a man she could call her own? Don’t you know nights can be drearily long and cold when you are alone? Don’t you know it is painful when a man you thought would spend the night with you suddenly springs up from bed, yanks off his pajamas and slips into his trouser ready to leave just because his wife calls on the phone requesting to have him?

So, it’s good she is opening up ‘Jare’, after all she is still young, strong, fashionable, and the vitals on her chest still firm. If you doubt it, take a closer look at the smaller picture and see what I mean. Jealous? Don’t grin with envy yet, just hear her out first. “Yes I hope to remarry. Why not? I’m young and beautiful, I am single, free and ready to mingle.”

She said the person may not necessarily be as tall as a model. So, guys don’t let your height stop you from filing your applications. “I wouldn’t mind if the man is not tall but he must have a good heart, with a spirit of God. He must be good looking but he must not be fat. He should love me and make me feel like a queen.”

Guys have you heard her? Once you have such attributes, please don’t waste time filing in your applications. This star believes that delay is dangerous. She is ready to offer her finger for the lucky man’s ring and there will be no need wasting time in the name of dating just to study him first. “You can never know the man you are dating until you begin to live with him. The only thing you need to do is to pray to God to give you the strength to continue with the ability to love. I’m not going to take off time to study anything or else you die of loneliness and depression. You have to keep on trying because life is about trying your luck.”

Did you say her next marriage would meet the same fate as her first? You misfired. She insisted that her first marriage was not meant to be after putting all her efforts to stop it from crashing. “I have been saying to myself that maybe the marriage wasn’t meant to be with my ex-hubby because I know I put in my best to make it work but it didn’t. I showed love to him but he didn’t like that kind of love but that doesn’t stop me from loving the next man I meet.”

Eucharia said she would love her next man foolishly because one needs to be foolish to remain in love. Smart gal, don’t you think so?

Some ladies in her shoes are just dying in silence. Somebody like Steph-Nora Okere, another actress whose hubby also deserted for no just cause. Her story and Eucharia’s are similar. The only difference is that her marriage didn’t bear fruit (no child). Stephanie’s hubby, Mr.
Falana, a movie producer took a walk when his lover in London delivered a child for him.

Later when Stephanie met him in London when she traveled with her colleagues for a movie shoot, Mr. Falana greeted the rest and shunned Stephanie. Poor lady, that nearly killed her. One thing about her is that she bottles up a lot. She would remind you in every interview that her marriage, her ex-hubby and whether she wants to remarry are out of bounds. Steph-Nora won’t tell you if she is ready to remarry, that’s her top secret.

But I think it’s high time she started toeing Eucharia’s steps, or what do you think?