The Nigerian female rapper Eva has at last cleared our suspicions through a writeup. One she wrote in form of a poem maybe, a song to be sang.


Eva who was in an unsuccessful 16 month engagement with Ceaser has said the truth about her relationship status with him. Last time she slammed rumour carriers, she never dropped a clear clue until now.

The rapper’s write up has revealed that she is single and lonely. It sounds like she has never been single all her life as she said that being single feels strange to her.

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She made it known that she is missing her ex from a line she hash tagged ‘ was really a good man’. Also a part where she said that she let a good man go. We don’t know what she means by that she has been having dogs all her life but now wants a cat. Time would unravel that.

Eva may not be available for sometime as she might have gone to recuperate from the heartbreak she is facing at this time.