Below is a press statement sent out by her; Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo a US trained Nigerian International Journalist, Global Gun Violence Activist, Pharmacist and Public Relations Specialist has denounced the ongoing onslaught of the Nigerian Homosexual law giving stiff prison penalties to Nigerians who are just being themselves. "The Nigerian government and lawmakers have given themselves the license to represent the people stating that God does not endorse homosexuality. God also does not endorse hate, ritualism, rape, polygamy, suicide bombing girls and baby factories" she said. It is simply hatred. Asked why she never follows her fans on twitter, she blamed it on homophobia stating that she does not follow hate and all Nigerians are "hell bent" on homophobia. Omololu-Olunloyo also wants the government to know that President Buhari's visit to the United States should have addressed this law and not brushed it aside with American President Obama. "America is not telling us to legalize gay marriage, they are only telling us that when you have law abiding citizens going about their own business not bothering anyone, they should not be scrutinized and stripped of their rights of being themselves." She also tweeted on her handle @HNNAfrica that Uganda dropped their anti-gay law after four months and one day Nigeria will do the same. "It's very costly economically for a country like ours with no jobs for youth. We can never be chosen to host the Olympics, World Cup and other global events for this reason. We can't be a host country to anything and already our image as one of the African countries promoting such hate is tarnished." your social media marketing partner