What are the basis for labeling a movie producer controversial?

You will not be slow to call Frank Gharbin a racist when you see the title of his latest movie, ‘Black Monkey.’ As if he was waiting for people to react before dropping the bomb, he has made it known that  both the black and white man are monkeys.

He explains “I dont see why the black man should get angry when someone calls him black monkey. Truth is, when a white man calls the black, black monkey, the best way to respond is by calling them a Monkey too.”

He made it clearer “In this context, we have the black and white monkey, and as we all know, they are all the same; they behave the same way, they all eat banana etc. So, with that being said, we as humans are all monkeys. In this 21st century if someone says black monkey and the black man feels insulted then i can say with no fear that, we are still under mental slavery”

Do you agree with him?