This is not the best of times for pretty former aviation minister kemafo chikwe,the reason being that after being rejected by her ward to represent them at the senate recently,her son in law just dumped her(kemas)daughter and married a new wife.

The son in law dumebi kachikwu married his new bride on june 15, 2011 in Abuja,the same town where he married kemas daughter in 2001.

Insiders whisper that ”kemas daughter somachi who scampered to maryland in the US was too controlliing and was not submissive,infact there were times when a hot slap passed from the hand of wife to the face of hubby and mummy dearest always ran in to solve the problem before it got out of hand.

The problems in the marriage began since the couples first son was born and with each time a seperation reared its head and the ex minister settled them,a new child was born,but by the time their fourth son was born,dumebi was already living with ikeme in his abuja mansion and he loves ikeme to the point that he does everything for her.will you blame him after what he passed through in the hands of his former wife?.”.

Another olofofo who visited dumebi in his Abuja base in january 2011 says”ikeme was the madam of the house and seemed to have everything in control.she has been the madam since dumebis seperation from somachi and it was obvious they would end up together from the way they were loving up.This wedding was a no expense spared affair and all the attendees got juicy gifts for attending including the blackberry touchscreen phone”

The pre-wedding dinner held on friday june 10,2011 and it was an Alist affair and the comedians at the wedding were gordons,i go dye,ay who thrilled the audience with their awesome jokes.

Insiders whisper that the state of the art wedding between somachi and dumebi which was contracted in 2001 in abuja has since been annulled paperwise.The union produced four handsome sons aged between 10years and 3yrs.

Whilst dumebi was busy planning his wedding,somachi was busy engaging on facebook war asking the new imo state Governor Okwelle Rochas to turn imo state airport into an international airport so she could fly first class and someone replied asking what her mum did as aviation minister and it turned into a war.

Heres hoping the ex lovebirds remain friends for the sake of their four young sons!

Congratulations dumebi and ikeme…make una no fight ooh!

Enjoy the pictures.

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