He is an Ex-Militant.She is a reigning actress.

He is from the Niger Delta.She is from the South West.He became notorious by afflicting pains on his people and country.

She attained National and International acclaim interpreting roles and making millions happy.Both married with children,one is of course a boy and the other very sexy.

Incredible as this may sound,they met in Abuja recently and after being introduced to each other,they decided to take their new friendship a notch higher.And guess what,the issue of s*x was laid on the table at some point and after reaching a compromise,the former paid the latter N2 million and they did it.

Excited and feeling on top of the world,the boy told Madam,when next you need N2 million give me a call,I will come and we will do it and you will have your money,cash.No story!

Currently being discussed in hushed tones among her colleagues,the beautiful role interpreter is also a model and a mother.

Glidding ceaselessly from controversy to controversy,she is Yoruba and has alphabet P in her name.Endowed with an inviting backside,she is on fair side and slightly hairy.

Alphabet B is for her partner who enjoys turning out in bowler hats and colourful jackets.